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Portable Oxygen

Portable Oxygen

Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs) are a miniature version of the home concentrator, and can be run from a DC power supply or internal batteries. POCs have revolutionalised the oxygen industry by offering patients more mobility and freedom. They are not limited to the amount of oxygen they can supply, making POCs ideal for use on long-haul journeys.


Portable medical oxygen products


POCs now allow oxygen users to live a better lifestyle. Our portable oxygen range is supplied by leading manufacturers, and is NHS-approved – the range also meets all international manufacturing standards, including CE, ISO:13485 and ISO:9001.


Medical approval is needed to purchase these products privately. NHS orders should be faxed to 0207 681 3797. For more information, please call our 24-hour advisor helpline on 0870 712 0202.

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